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Maureen KanwischerMaureen (Mo) Kanwischer

With nearly 30 years of marketing and business development experience in high-tech, software, ecommerce, professional services, manufacturing, healthcare and medical device companies, Mo is considered a small business expert and outstanding teacher. She has a practical and energetic demeanor and it is evident in her many workshops, seminars and consulting engagements.

As a consultant, Mo most often works as a partner with business owners and presidents and focuses on developing and executing strategic plans, crafting business and marketing plans and new product launches. Mo also is the founder and facilitator of peer advisory boards. The m.b.a. (momentum board of advisors™) is an informal board of directors for small business owners. Members meet regularly for strategic planning, creative problem solving and tapping the wisdom of the group in order to grow their business. In addition, Mo works one on one with each member to provide customized counseling.  Mo has helped over 300 small businesses owners grow their business.

Mo is an active volunteer and consultant with the Boulder Small Business Development Center and aids other business owners with marketing and strategic initiatives for their businesses.  She has served on the Small Business Advisory Board for Congressman Jared Polis and serves on a few non-profit boards of directors.

Recognized for her public speaking ability, she is a sought after speaker and is a fanatic for client care and customer satisfaction.  Maureen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Alfred University in New York and earned an Executive MBA from the State University of New York.

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